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    About Us

  • Founded 50 years ago in Nishinomiya City, Hyogo Prefecture.
    We are a florist that carefully and meticulously weaves together the voices of our customers and the flowers they offer.
    We believe that giving flowers brings gentle and vivid color to the hearts of everyone, including the person who receives the flowers, the person who sent the flowers, and us florists.

  • Styling

    How to give flowers

  • At Ogaki Flower Shop, we will create a custom arrangement using seasonal flowers.
    In order to match the customer's detailed requests with the characteristics of the flowers that are in season, no two pieces are exactly the same.
    We hope you will take a look at the various styles to help you decide when to order.

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  • [address]
    Maison KATO 1F, 5-7 Babacho, Nishinomiya City, Hyogo Prefecture

    3 minutes walk south from Hanshin Nishinomiya Station

    [business hours]
    9:00-19:00 (*Until 18:30 on Sundays and holidays)

    [Closed Days]
    Every Wednesday / Irregular holidays

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