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Ogaki Flower Shop is a flower shop that has been in business in Nishinomiya for 50 years.

In this online shop,
『Gift Flowers』『Memorial Flowers』
"Standing flowers" "Orchids and ornamental plants"
You can find your favorite style from four categories.

  • Gift Flowers

    This style is recommended for occasions such as celebrations, farewells, and get well gifts.

  • Memorial Flowers

    These flowers are perfect for the anniversary of a loved one's death or memorial service, and are meant to convey feelings of remembrance for the deceased.

  • Flower stand

    This style is recommended for celebrating store openings, anniversaries, performances, and other occasions.

  • Phalaenopsis orchids, ornamental plants, etc.

    Phalaenopsis orchids are great for celebrations or offerings, while ornamental plants can be used to add color to your daily life.

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    Tips on sending flowers

    We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions and their answers so that even first-time flower senders can feel at ease.

    For celebrations and gifts

    I would like to give flowers as a gift, but is it better not to use chrysanthemum flowers?

    It is generally said that chrysanthemums are not appropriate flowers to give as they are used to express condolences at funerals and other occasions, but this does not necessarily have to be the case if the person you are giving the gift to is a big fan of chrysanthemums.
    Chrysanthemums, which bloom in autumn, are very elegant, so we sometimes include chrysanthemums in our suggestions when consulting with customers.

    Are there any flowers that are suitable for celebrations and flowers that are not?

    Just as there are seasons for vegetables and fish, there are also seasons for flowers.
    It is best to choose flowers that are characteristic of the season, but if it is a celebration, we may recommend flowers that are ahead of the season. For example, when people are looking forward to spring, we would be very pleased if we suggested cherry blossoms, which come out early.

    A person I'm indebted to is going to publish a book. I'd like to give them flowers at the publication party.

    If you are giving flowers in front of many people (or on stage) at a party, a bouquet is probably the best option. Even if it costs the same, an arrangement will be a little smaller than a bouquet.
    The most common price range is 5,000 yen and up. The flowers we use change depending on the season, so please feel free to consult with us.

    My friend is going to perform in a concert. I'd like to send flowers to her dressing room.

    Please let us know your friend's favorite colors and atmosphere. We will choose the best flowers for the occasion. There are various options for bouquets or arrangements, but if your friend likes arranging flowers, we recommend a bouquet.
    There is no set budget. Prices vary depending on the size and materials used, so please feel free to consult with us.

    My acquaintance is having a solo exhibition. I would like to send him flowers. What should I do?

    If it is a solo exhibition, you will probably want to decorate the venue with flowers, so we recommend arranging the flowers (putting a sponge soaked in water in a container and then inserting the flowers in it). This can be done immediately after it arrives, so it will not be a hassle for the recipient.
    Also, budgets vary, so we can tailor to suit.

    I've been invited to a friend's home party. I'd like to bring some flowers as a gift...

    If you like arranging flowers, a bouquet will be appreciated, but if the recipient is busy preparing a meal, an arrangement may be better. The advantage is that it can be displayed immediately.
    Also, since the flowers that are taken may end up on the dinner table, we do not recommend flowers with strong scents.

    In condolences

    An acquaintance of mine has passed away. I would like to send flowers.

    Since the recipient will likely be busy, we recommend a flower arrangement rather than a bouquet.
    Also, if it has only been a short time since the death, calm colors, mainly white, are appropriate. Roses have thorns, so they are not recommended as condolence flowers. (This does not apply to Christianity.)

    Are there any flowers that are not suitable as condolence flowers?

    First of all, roses have thorns, so we don't recommend them. However, in Christianity, roses are sometimes used for decoration, so this is not the case. It depends on the time of year, but if it has been a while since the death, it may be best to avoid flashy colors. If it has been a while since the death, bright colors are fine.
    We also do not recommend flowers that are out of season.

    I would like to bring flowers to a memorial service. What kind of flowers would be good?

    Please let us know the atmosphere and flowers that the deceased liked. We will tailor the memorial to match that.
    Also, if it is a memorial service, the person you are attending may be busy. Considering that it will be displayed near the Buddhist altar, we recommend that you arrange it in an arrangement.

    Things to remember when sending flowers

    What is an arrangement?

    Put a special sponge soaked in water into the container. Then insert the flowers into it. It's convenient because you can display it as it is when it arrives.

    Which do you prefer: an arrangement or a bouquet?

    This is a case-by-case matter, so we listen to the other party's situation and suggest which option would be best.
    If the delivery address is not the recipient's home (such as a venue), we recommend an arrangement that can be displayed as is when it arrives. If we recommend a bouquet, it is for those who are sending the flowers to their home or a similar location and who like to arrange the flowers in a vase themselves.
    Also, if you are giving the gift in front of a large number of people, such as at a party, we recommend a bouquet of flowers as they will be larger and more showy.

    Is there anything I should prepare?

    Nothing in particular. Please feel free to contact us.
    However, we may ask you about the image you have in mind when creating the gift, so if we know the recipient's favorite flowers, colors, atmosphere, etc., we may be able to tailor something that will please them even more. It may be difficult to know the recipient's favorite flowers, but when it comes to colors and atmosphere, one way to think about them is to refer to the colors and atmosphere of the clothes the recipient usually wears.

    About ordinary flowers

    I heard that when I buy flowers, it's a good idea to soak them in water, but what does soaking mean?

    Cut flowers do not have roots, so they have a weaker ability to absorb water. Therefore, they need to be soaked in water in order to increase their ability to absorb water.
    There are various ways to soak the stems in water, but the basic method is to place the stems in water and cut them at an angle with sharp scissors (this is called "water cutting"). This way, the cut surface is fresh, and by cutting it at an angle, the surface area that absorbs water is larger, so the stems will absorb water well.
    There are various methods for watering flowers depending on the flower. Once you have chosen your flowers, please feel free to ask about the watering method.

    I want the flowers I bought to last longer...

    There are various things to consider depending on the flower, but the first thing that is important is the "drainage" mentioned earlier. If possible, change the water in the vase every day. Also, the lifespan of flowers changes depending on the season. In general, flowers do not last very long, especially during the hot summer months.
    We also have nutrients that can help the flowers last longer, so we recommend using them. If you are buying flowers for the first time, please feel free to ask the staff.

    About shipping and delivery

    Can you deliver it?

    Deliveries to some areas of Nishinomiya City and Ashiya City are made by our own delivery service, and to other areas we use courier service.

    Click here for more information about delivery.

    Can you ship far away?

    We accept shipping nationwide. (Shipping will be by Kuroneko Yamato or Yu-Pack)

    For more information about shipping, please click here .


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