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Flower stand

Flower stand

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  • Gorgeous(赤〜紫〜濃いピンクを中心に華やかに)
  • Noble(ホワイト・グリーンをメインに上品に)
  • Pop(イエロー・オレンジをメインにカラフルで明るく)
  • Seasonal select(季節のお花でおまかせ)
  • Soft(淡い色合いで優しい雰囲気に)
  • Sweet(ピンクをメインにかわいらしく)
  • スタンド花
  • 周年祝
  • 楽屋花
  • 発表会
  • 開店祝
  • Price (tax included)

    * Stand flowers can only be delivered by our company, and delivery is limited to some areas of Nishinomiya City and Ashiya City.
    It usually takes 3 to 5 days to prepare.
    *Please click here for details regarding delivery, such as delivery areas, delivery fees, and precautions to take when the recipient is not at home.
    *Please check here for important information regarding changes, cancellations, returns, etc. after placing an order.
    *Due to system reasons, we only ship to one location per purchase (*Example 1). Therefore, if you are thinking of shipping to multiple locations (*Example 2), we apologize for the inconvenience, but we ask that you make a purchase (payment) for each location you would like to have delivered to.
    *Example 1: "I would like to deliver both the low style and round style to a family in XX city, Osaka prefecture." -> Can be done with a single purchase
    *Example 2: "I want the low style to be delivered to my parents' house in XX city, Osaka prefecture, and the round style to be delivered to my relatives in XX city, Kanagawa prefecture." → Purchase (pay) each product separately

    ================== ==

    *The photos shown are for illustrative purposes only. We cannot make the bouquet using the same flowers as shown in the photo.

    *The garment will be tailored to your specifications after we receive your order. It will take some time before you receive it.

    *As we use seasonal flowers, we cannot accept requests for specific flowers to be used.

    ================== ==

    Style Overview

    Recommended for celebrations such as store openings, anniversaries, performances, etc. We use a special stand to create a large and gorgeous arrangement, taking advantage of the natural lines of the flowers.

    ◇Recommended usage scenarios

    Grand opening celebration, anniversary celebration, dressing room flowers, recital

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    • About the flowers

      We use flowers that are in season at the time, so different flowers than those shown in the photo above may be used, but we will ensure that the impression is the same.

    • About product shipping

      Please note that our store does not guarantee against product deterioration due to the absence of the recipient. For details, please check the "Shipping Policy" .

    • Absence at the time of delivery

      Please note that if you are not at home when your package is delivered, please check our "Delivery Policy" for details.

    • About our own delivery

      We deliver our products ourselves, except for some areas of Ashiya City and Nishinomiya City.
      For details on areas where we cannot deliver, please see our "Delivery Policy" .

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